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Lemurian Smokey Transmutation Channeller

a rather remarkable crystal that is a Lemurian Smokey Transmutation Channeller.

A channeller is recognized by the formation of seven sides on the front main face and the back face being a triangle. In numerology 7 represents the search for truth and discernment. The number 3 represents our spiritual being having a human experience as well as creativity and communication.
Channellers are here to assist us, during ritual or meditational experiences, so that we may better understand our journey here on earth. How we can learn to see our reality through the eyes of our soul or ancient being so that we may better understand who we are and what we are here to do, or be.

This is what the Crystal Oversouls have to say about this rare crystal "Lemurian seed crystal is perfectly placed to assist us in opening the eighth chakra.
When working in this region of the chakra system try not to rush the journey of opening prematurely the eighth chakra. The process is gentle and firm. Only when the other chakras are prepared and aligned will the eighth open, it cannot be forced. There are some people who have sealed up their eighth chakra after lives in Atlantis and Lemuria due to fear of misusing their powers. The time is here for these wise beings to awaken and resume their work and for the seal placed on the eighth to be opened. Lemurian seed crystals carry our original song of Lemuria. By that I mean the song is a metaphor for the energetic sound we once made in this ancient civilization. When we work with a Lemurian seed crystal we activate deep, ancient codings within our being."